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Quobba Station

- Ben Teo Photography -

Quobba is a family operated, working pastoral station that borders 80km of Western Australia's spectacular coastline. The 187 000 acre station was established in 1898 and is bounded by Gnarloo Station to the North, Lake McLeod and Boolathana Station to the East/South and the Indian Ocean to the West. 


The Meecham’s have been on Quobba Station for over 40 years, with Tim, Sara and family here for over 22 years. The Station runs approximately 10 000 damaras (South African meat sheep) after originally running merino (wooly) sheep. 


Some of the original cottages surrounding the Homestead include:

Smithies – originally the Black Smiths Workshop

The Stables – was the tack room that held saddles and riding equipment

The Cottage – was the overseer’s residence

The Long Cottage – was the garage for the Station with the inspection pit still in one of the bedrooms

The Outcamp – was the jackaroos quarters. 

The Shearing quarters were used for shearers accommodation until 2005 when the Station changed from merino sheep to damaras (hairy not wooly therefore there is no shearing needed).

*Please note: NO fishing/spearing is allowed on the Front Beach!

While the Front Beach is great for walking along, collecting shells and watching the sunset, the beach itself goes straight to reef and is not suitable for swimming. The closest swimming locations are The Blowholes Beach (10km South) and 2 Mile beach (3km North). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to book for camping?

A: You can now book waterfront, powered and unpowered campsites online. While there are a limited number of powered and waterfront sites, unpowered sites will always be available as it is just 'bush camping' (not a limited allocation/number of sites). If you are unable to book an unpowered site online, don't stress! We will always have space for you!

Q: What is the road condition?

A: The road from the Coral Coast Highway to the Blowholes (~60km) is sealed. From this point, the road is unsealed. It is ~10km to the Quobba Homestead and a further ~60km to Red Bluff. This road is managed by the Shire of Carnarvon and is normally graded once a year. The road condition varies greatly throughout the year! 

Q: Can we bring dogs?

A: We are more than happy to have your dogs stay with us, however throughout the year we bait (1080 poison) for wild dogs and dingoes. For the safety of your pets and the surrounding wild life, dog MUST remain within your sight and on a lead at all times. Dogs are not allowed inside accommodation.

Q: Can we have a fire?

A: Yes! Fires are allowed however you cannot collect wood on the station. You can either bring your own wood or purchase some at the shop. Please use the fire pits provided around the campsite. 

Q: When is the office open to sign in?

A:The Station Store and Office is open generally from 10am to 4pm.  All visitors to Quobba are required to sign in on arrival and make payment for your complete stay. The Store also sells a variety of tinned/dry grocery items plus – ice, bait, tackle, cool drinks, ice creams, snorkelling gear and Quobba merchandise.

Q: Is there a waste dump point?

A: Yes! There is a dump point 10km South of The Homestead at the Blowholes. Red Bluff has also dump point and it is highly recommended you bring your own chemical toilet. 

Q: Can you swim at the front beach?

A: Unfortunately no, the front beach goes straight to reef however is beautiful to walk along and collect shells. The closest swimming/snorkelling spots include 2 Mile beach (3km North of the campsite) and the Blowholes beach. 

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Quobba is home to incredible marine, bird and wildlife including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Leatherback turtles; snorkel with the turtles all year round, watch them lay their eggs on the numerous beaches (~October - December) and enjoy seeing the baby hatchlings make their way back into the Indian Ocean (~January - February).

  • Humpback whales (~ May - July)

  • Manta Rays

  • Australian bustard (bush turkey

  • Chiming wedgebill ('Did-You-Get-Drunk bird)

  • Thornie devils

  • Perenties (goannas)

  • Kangaroos and rock wallabies (you'll be sure to meet a few friendly roo's at Red Bluff)

  • Echidnas 



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