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Unpowered caravan and camping sites are scattered throughout The Bluff. There are 15 long drop toilets located near every camp spot and a waste dump point near the entrance of the camp.  

Please, if you have a chemical toilet, bring it. We highly encourage the use of private chemical loo's to reduce the use of communal toilets and ensure maximum personal hygiene!

The road into Red Bluff is a track and is graded several times per year. The track does become rough and sandy in some parts therefore we suggest that if you are towing a caravan and are not sure about the condition of the road, pull up at Quobba for the evening and make a day trip out to us so that you can assess the road yourself and make the call.

Dogs are permitted North of the homestead and on a limited part of the beach. We are more than happy to have your doggy friend stay with us providing you adhere to the guidelines and rules as stated below.

A $50 bond may be collected on arrival for the duration of your stay. 

Your dog must be kept on a lead at all times and must not chase wildlife, please clean up after you pooch and be respectful to other campers around you.

We do not take bookings for camping,

however if you are wanting to visit in

June/July/August, please  call prior to check camping availability.



2023 Prices

- $25 per person per night 

- $10 per child per night (5 - 14)

- Children under 5 FREE

- $150 per person per week (1 night FREE)


2023 Ningaloo Solar Eclipse

A rare total solar eclipse, when the sun, earth and moon align in unison, is set to occur on the 20th of April. 

Over the 17th - 23rd April, camping will be $50 per person per night.

No credits or refunds. 

Learn more about the Solar Eclipse here


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